Day 7-Enjoying the Season

I was at Trader Joe's today and almost every end cap display was pumpkin related.  It is October, after all, even if it is 80 degrees in SoCal.  I even bought some pumpkin butter, and I recommend you do as well, since it rocked on whole wheat toast.  I like most things pumpkin, except pumpkin pie which is really a weird texture thing rather than a flavor thing. Apples are a different thing all together.  I'm not sure there is any apple related thing I don't like. There is homemade applesauce cooling on my stove as I write.  For a while apples were the main item in my fall home decor before I decided to simplify, which is a whole other post.  But my favorite fall thing about apples is Honeycrisp apples, and especially Honeycrisp apples on sale.  

Every day for the last week, I've eaten a Honeycrisp apple and a piece of bread with peanut butter for lunch.  Some mornings, I also had one at my granddaughters second breakfast, which has become her habit at my house.  She doesn't share my love of Honeycrisps, she is more a Gala girl.  They are sweet, they are tart, they are crispy and oh my, they are good!  

All that is to say this-sometimes the things that make for our enjoyment are seasonal, and you better eat all the on sale Honeycrisps you can, because they won't be here forever.  Be it an early evening walk after dinner during daylight savings time, driving around looking at Christmas lights, or cutting the first Freesia blooms, these pleasures are sweetly short lived.  

What is your favorite seasonal enjoyment?      


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