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Feeling Spiritual

The most significant information I received in the last week was this wonderful truth- Sunday, March 9.....DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME BEGINS!

Every year I experience what is whispered about in my house as the "Fall Funk". No, it is not a season of the year where we have a Soul Train retrospective, it is the descent of doom that arrives as we "fall back". Most years it only lasts a month or so, the year my daughter went off to college it lasted three months but this year-well, there are no good words to describe this year.

I've tried every remedy I've ever heard of and made up a few, but the real truth is that since last October, I have been in a dry toast, beige clothes, elevator muzak state. Desert time is a weak description. My husband, the wise, all-knowing Dave, informs me that the reasons for this are more than the usual fall funk, and after some consideration, I would agree. What those reasons are doesn't matter today in light of the fact that NEXT WEEK …