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One or the Other

Over on "Revive Our Hearts" Nancy Leigh DeMoss is beginning a series on being a woman of discretion. As a Christian woman you, like me, may believe you are a woman of discretion. Your skirts aren't too short, your tops aren't too low, you don't use certain manners of speech. As always, what we are isn't just how we behave, it's what is in our hearts. Through this series Nancy will contrast the wise woman with the foolish woman, and show us how our heart attitude can be like the immoral woman of Proverbs 7.

Sounds fun, huh? Real feel good stuff? Maybe not, but in her usual warm, encouraging style Nancy shares some hard truths with grace and compassion. Without the conviction of sin we won't know the joy of forgiveness, without the exposing of lies we won't know the freedom of truth. So hit the link and be blessed by the opening session of this life changing series "Becoming a Woman of Discretion".…