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As you get older, and by that I mean over 35ish, forgetfulness becomes both a scary thing and a thing you long for. Scary because you wonder if your growing forgetfulness of the whereabouts of keys, the thing you went to the store for and your child’s name is busyness or hormones or dementia. Forgetfulness is also longed for because you’ve lived long enough to do things and say things and experience things that bring either that hot flush of shame or that sharp stab of pain. Forgetting would be a mercy.
We usually don’t though, do we? Those things never really leave us, and we think they should but they stay, often for good reason. Not good feelings, but good reason, God reasons.
The Apostle Peter knew something about wanting to forget things, and knowing the importance of never forgetting. I think Peter must be everybody’s secret favorite disciples because he made the most mistakes, and the ones we all make-shooting our mouth off about what we will and won’t do, only to be proven …