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I picked up what I thought was a new journal the other day, but it was actually a journal I finished a little over a year ago. I love to journal, ever since I read "Harriet the Spy" when I was little. I've gone through several journal options over the years-everything goes into one journal-sermon notes, study research, personal devotions, recounting of my days so I know where I was three days ago. Every now and then I try something new-one journal for church stuff, one for my devotions, one sort of a diary so I know where I was three days ago. I kind of like each option for different reasons, and it makes me wonder what fellow journalers do. One for everything? One per subject? Stay in a calender year or just write until it fills up?

Re-reading that journal from the last two years was not my favorite perusal of the past. In fact, it bummed me out quite a bit, and has caused me to be spending a lot of time in prayer.

I always encourage people to journal, among other reasons…

New. Sort of.

I have a new laptop. Well, new to me, as it once belonged to my daughter before the hard drive blew up, causing the loss of a multitude of pictures, information and subsequently, dollars when she replaced it with a Mac. Wanting one computer for work and one for the rest of everything in my life, I decided rescue it from the trash, and replace the drive so here I sit, with the technological equivalent of a clean slate.

It's odd to have a computer that looks almost exactly like your old one, only to find it empty of everything familiar. Click the favorites-empty. Click My pictures-empty. Click Documents-empty. It is as if all the points of reference in my life have been removed, the landmarks gone, like when someone cuts down the tree on the corner that you always included in your directions so people could find your house.

The first thing I did on this computer was get some Internet going, because I was afraid something would happen in the universe and I wouldn't know it. It …

Hey! It's almost summer!

Every now and then I'll be reading a blog and suddenly the thought occurs to me "Hey! I have a blog!" Unfortunately, a pithy quote or cohesive thought doesn't follow, so I don't post anything.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty good at talking myself out of doing things. Things like sending a card (I don't really have a cute one and I certainly do not possess card making abilities) or I should call (but I don't have a lot of time, they're probably in bed already, blah blah blah). Oh, this is good one- I should offer to pray for them (but they'll think I'm nuts or reject the offer, blah, blah, blah). Or, post on my blog.

But what if, maybe, just maybe, that thought was actually a prompting of the Holy Spirit? You know, the One who teaches us, empowers us and oh, yeah, prompts us? I've been thinking about two things lately. Well, more than two, but I just read how multi-tasking is actually counter productive and slows your bra…

Longing for Eden

I read a sad article in the news today. It seems that instead of enjoying a few hours of entertainment by going to see the movie "Avatar", some people are coming away from the film with depression and suicidal thoughts. They are flocking to online forums and chat rooms to lament the fact that life isn't worth living after being exposed to the land of Pandora that is represented in the film.

I haven't seen the film. From the reports I've read about it, it seems that Pandora is a type of Eden, and after seeing it, comparing it to the stark reality outside the movie theater leaves some people with a growing sense of hopelessness about their own lives and the world in general. This morning I read this in the book "Jesus, Our Man in Glory" by A.W. Tozer:

"It has been my feeling that the whole [human] race has harbored a yearning to go back to God's presence, to return to Eden. I do not mean that everyone in the race wants to be a Christian. Too m…

Happy New Year!

Nancy Leigh DeMoss is doing a series on Isaiah 40 over on Revive Our Hearts, titled "Behold Your God". This passage caused me to pause and ponder-

"Some of us have so much theology, but what good is it doing us in the course of every day life if we fret or we’re anxious? So what if we say we believe God is all-powerful and all-knowing and gracious and merciful, but we live as if there were no God? We’re practical atheists.

So the answer for most of us is not getting some new insight, some new key to life, but it’s exercising faith in what we already know.

And what do we know? “The Lord is the everlasting God.”

In conversations with women who are dealing with some circumstance, which would be anyone breathing, I've occasionally been told in response to some biblical counsel "That's just not practical." You know, counsel like trusting God, dying to self, walking by faith, not compromising. We want solutions, we want something practical, something we can d…