Happy New Year!

Nancy Leigh DeMoss is doing a series on Isaiah 40 over on Revive Our Hearts, titled "Behold Your God". This passage caused me to pause and ponder-

"Some of us have so much theology, but what good is it doing us in the course of every day life if we fret or we’re anxious? So what if we say we believe God is all-powerful and all-knowing and gracious and merciful, but we live as if there were no God? We’re practical atheists.

So the answer for most of us is not getting some new insight, some new key to life, but it’s exercising faith in what we already know.

And what do we know? “The Lord is the everlasting God.”

In conversations with women who are dealing with some circumstance, which would be anyone breathing, I've occasionally been told in response to some biblical counsel "That's just not practical." You know, counsel like trusting God, dying to self, walking by faith, not compromising. We want solutions, we want something practical, something we can do about what is happening. What could be more practical than looking to and obeying the Word of the everlasting God?

I'm not big on New Years resolutions. I've always figured if you know you're doing something wrong, not good for you or stupid, you should just stop it, not wait for a date. But since the new year probably puts the thought in your head to do something new, lets start by asking ourselves these questions-

Are my reactions and responses to the circumstances in my life more in line with a practical atheist or a practicing disciple of Christ? Do I act in a way that is consistent with what I say I believe?

Head over to Nancy's site and read or listen to this series on beholding our God. Let's immerse ourselves this year in His Word, His presence and His available power to glorify Him and make Him known in new and practical ways in 2010. Happy New Year!


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