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If you're a chick and a Christian, you know about Mary and Martha.  They are often portrayed as opposites in fundamental ways-the spiritual one vs the fleshly one.  The gentle one vs the driven one.  I pretty sure that, like most of us, they were more than their brief story in the gospels revealed, Mary probably gossiped at the well and Martha probably mentored young Hebrew girls. No one is every all one way or the other.  That, however, isn't what this post is about.

We have read about Mary, Martha and Lazarus in the gospels, siblings whom Jesus loved.  The focus for me has always been on the individuals, these two sisters with their very different personalities, their brother who we don't know much about except after his illness and subsequent death, Jesus raised him from the dead.  For some reason though, this little family seemed to hold a special place in the heart of Jesus.  I learned something lately that shed new light on their relationship, why it may have been s…