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Lists, Lists, and More Lists

I love lists. There is something about seeing tidy rows of tasks that makes my world seem a little more orderly, and that makes me happy. What makes me even happier is to see those tasks with a line through them that indicates progress. And progress, like change, is good. 

A few years ago, I had to start making lists of books I want to read, and books I have finished reading, because I do a fairly significant amount of reading. If you don't, and you fear this post is all about how you should, put your fears aside and keep reading. I'm not into telling people to do things they really don't like. Unless it's telling them to stop doing totally wrong things. In that case, stop it. But as far as how many books you get through in a year, don't sweat it. 

I read for ministry, I read for pleasure, I read to study the word of God, I read to grow in my faith, I read to hone my various crafts and I read because I like to learn things. I read in a lot of different genres, so I s…