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31 Days

A while back I did a writing challenge called 31 Days. Bloggers are encouraged to choose a topic and write a post on it every day in the month of October. You can start reading mine here, it was 31 Days of Enjoyment, and it was both fun and a challenge. I thought about doing the challenge again last year, and even drafted 31 titles on two different topics but when the time came to write, I let it go. I didn’t feel the least bit bad about it either.

This summer I started thinking about it again, revisited my drafted topics and prayed. Tomorrow is launch day and I’m not launching anything. I don’t feel the least bit bad about it either.
I’ve been thinking about my love/hate relationship with a word lately. It is a word I must love because I use it all the time, but I definitely hate it because of the way I feel when I use it in a sentence proceeded by the word “I”. What word?
Should: verbal auxiliary\shəd,ˈshu̇d\used in auxiliary function to express obligation, propriety, or exp…