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Listen: to give attention with the ear; to make an effort to hear something. To pay attention; heed; obey. (

Two weeks ago I was looking at Thanksgiving clearance items in Stuff-Mart when I noticed that Christmas carols were playing overhead. I was struck by the fact that Thanksgiving was still a week away and the pressure was on-get this stuff out of here because the next season is just around the corner!

Is there a more pressure-filled season than Christmas? As a Christian I feel a new kind of pressure, the pressure not to fall to the pressure. After all, do I not know the real reason for the season? Do I not have different perspective on the whole month of December, from Advent to the glorious day when we celebrate the birth of the way of salvation for mankind? Do you?

Let’s just stop right there. Listen. Does any of that sound like the voice of the Shepherd? Today is the day to listen to something else.

I play guitar, and do some worship leading. This isn’t a particular…