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From "Streams In The Desert"

"I will give myself unto prayer" (Ps. 109:4).

We are often in a religious hurry in our devotions. How much time do we spend in them daily? Can it not be easily reckoned in minutes? Who ever knew an eminently holy man who did not spend much of his time in prayer? Did ever a man exhibit much of the spirit of prayer, who did not devote much time in his closet?

Whitefield says, "Whole days and weeks have I spent prostrate on the ground, in silent or vocal prayer." "Fall upon your knees and grow there," is the language of another, who knew whereof he affirmed.

It has been said that no great work in literature or science was ever wrought by a man who did not love solitude. We may lay it down as an elemental principle of religion, that no large growth in holiness was ever gained by one who did not take time to be often, and long, alone with God.

Seeking Him: Experiencing the Joy of Personal Revial

Over on, Nancy Leigh DeMoss is doing a twelve week series on Revival. Revival is a popular topic, and one most of us would agree is necessary. But what is biblical revival? How does it happen and to whom? I would encourage you to check out Nancy’s site where you can listen to or read the past studies and purchase the companion study guide “Seeking Him”.

I did the Seeking Him study in a small group a few years ago. It was a sweet and very fruitful time for all of us, and each one of us came away changed by examining ourselves in light of God’s Word. Alone or in a group, this is one study that is well worth the investment of your time and attention. No simple exercise of looking up scripture to fill in the blanks, Seeking Him is a great balance of instructive commentary on scripture combined with questions designed to produce understanding and personal application.

As with all of the authors’ written work, the style is uncluttered, direct in its instruction a…

The Simplicity Of Christ

This is from Ray Stedman's site.....

READ: 2 Corinthians 11:3-15

But I fear, lest by any means, as the serpent beguiled Eve through his subtlety, so your minds should be corrupted from the simplicity that is in Christ (2 Corinthians 11:3 KJV).

"The main thing about being a Christian is to see that the main thing remains the main thing." That is what Paul is saying. The "main thing" is that at the heart and center of your life is the "simplicity that is in Christ," a simple thing. I have noticed over many years of observation that when religion becomes complicated, it is always a sign that it is drifting away from the realities and centralities of faith. The world around us is getting increasingly complex, and it is because it is drifting farther and farther from God. Look around at the world of nature, and you can see the simplicity of God's design everywhere. He builds the year around four seasons that repeat themselves and never fail. Yet that simp…