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Today I helped someone set up their first blog.  We went through every field, looked at all the gadgets, and along the way, I gave her the basic instructions for each function. When I could remember, that is.  On the gadget for links, and she asked me to make a link to this blog. When I did, the link has shows not only the title of the blog but the title of the last post, and the date of that post.

No wonder I couldn't remember how to use anything! Six months has gone by since I last visited my own blog.  I didn't want anyone visiting her blog to see how inactive my blog was, so I decided I better write something.  Not that I care what anyone thinks. Well, maybe a little. ;)

The morning sort of refreshed my creative juices for the whole blogging thing. If I was to come up with some spiritual application for this post, it would be this: it's a good thing to go back to the basics, look at the framework of what you know and believe, evaluate how it is being worked out in yo…