Today I helped someone set up their first blog.  We went through every field, looked at all the gadgets, and along the way, I gave her the basic instructions for each function. When I could remember, that is.  On the gadget for links, and she asked me to make a link to this blog. When I did, the link has shows not only the title of the blog but the title of the last post, and the date of that post.

No wonder I couldn't remember how to use anything! Six months has gone by since I last visited my own blog.  I didn't want anyone visiting her blog to see how inactive my blog was, so I decided I better write something.  Not that I care what anyone thinks. Well, maybe a little. ;)

The morning sort of refreshed my creative juices for the whole blogging thing. If I was to come up with some spiritual application for this post, it would be this: it's a good thing to go back to the basics, look at the framework of what you know and believe, evaluate how it is being worked out in your life, and how productive it's been.  How active has your walk with the Lord been lately? Growing and bearing fruit, or like my blog, there, but unchanging? 

"By this My Father is glorified, that you bear much fruit; so you will be My disciples." John 15:8


Denise said…
MaryAnne, I'm so blessed that you are "refreshed" and blogging again! Love your application and insight. :)
Ashley said…
Yay! Your back! :)
Nicole Espino said…
It's funny cause I just came on here a couple days ago and was sad because you had not posted in awhile. :) Now I'm happy! See what joy you bring when you post! You must do it more often! :)
cottage crew said…
You're back! Looking forward to your insights, wit, and maybe me getting the credit for some of it as I'm sure someone will mistake me for you!!

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