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Spiritual Health by Dr. Warren Wiersbe

I just got done reading about a million horrible stories on every major news outlet on the Internet. This is something I do the same way I eat potato chips: I start out tasting them but pretty soon I'm just plowing through them mindlessly. Today, as often happens with the potato chips, I feel sick over what I just took in and how much time I spent doing it. Having my head full of this stuff and the emotions it provokes is NOT what I needed to fill up with today, especially in light of some stuff on the days agenda. I needed not to be reminded of how vain, shallow and wicked man is, but rather how Holy, Sovereign and Perfect God and His ways are. So now I need cleansing and a nutritious meal, graciously provided by God through Warren Wiersbe's book "Prayers, Praise and Promises".

Read Psalm 105:1-4
Nutritionists remind us that we must have the minimum daily requirements of vitamins and minerals if we are to be physically healthy. Similarly, David gives God's …