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I picked up what I thought was a new journal the other day, but it was actually a journal I finished a little over a year ago. I love to journal, ever since I read "Harriet the Spy" when I was little. I've gone through several journal options over the years-everything goes into one journal-sermon notes, study research, personal devotions, recounting of my days so I know where I was three days ago. Every now and then I try something new-one journal for church stuff, one for my devotions, one sort of a diary so I know where I was three days ago. I kind of like each option for different reasons, and it makes me wonder what fellow journalers do. One for everything? One per subject? Stay in a calender year or just write until it fills up?

Re-reading that journal from the last two years was not my favorite perusal of the past. In fact, it bummed me out quite a bit, and has caused me to be spending a lot of time in prayer.

I always encourage people to journal, among other reasons…