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Who Are You Listening To?

This is one of my favorite pictures of my granddaughter.  She is watching me teach the women’s Monday night Bible study, and her mom said she sat and watched the majority of it.  My prayer is that-
1. She will always pay attention to the Word of God being taught. 2. She will always pay attention to her Grandma.
When my daughter was growing up, my one of my deepest desires as a parent was that she would always believe the things I told her that were followed by this:
Take my word for it.
“It” is anything from the importance of being a discerning reader to never, ever drinking milk immediately after eating cranberry sauce.   This would also include always stop trimming your bangs before you think they are short enough, those pants will never shrink to fit you and it is a sad fact that not everything deep fried in batter tastes good.  Take my word for it.
Of course, taking someone’s word for something can be a dangerous proposition; one must always consider the source.  That …