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Fake Dogs

As the glow of the Super Bowl fades, and the post season withdrawls begin, there is light beckoning from New York City-the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show!!!  Known as the Super Bowl of the dog show world, it is two days filled with nearly 3,000 dogs at Madison Square Garden.  Now days, you can go on line and watch all 3000 dogs in their individual breed classes.  Back in the olden days, (like 5 years ago) you could only watch the groups compete for best of show on t.v. but oh, the joy for me.  Even though I'm sure I'll spend plenty of time in front of my computer watching a seemingly endless parade of dogs, I still stayed up and watched the groups last night. 

I have two purebred dogs, both Cavalier King Charles Spaniels which is the pretentious name for lazy but sweet lap dogs.  One I named after a literary hero and he does not live up to his name.  He is actually a bit of a rogue.  The other I name after a t.v. character who is a bit of a rogue, and he is the epitome of a…