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Steps Toward Stupid

This morning I read a post on another blog with this title, "Steps Toward Stupid." The guy was writing about the small things he is prone to do that sometimes produce spiritual train wrecks in his life. For him, it's listening to a certain type of music that he was into during a debauched time of his life. From listening a little to listening a lot, to withdrawing from friends, to blowing off church, to skipping devotions.....pretty soon he's wondering what happened. It all happens slowly, it's not like he listens to Stairway to Heaven and becomes a warlock the next day, but in almost imperceptible ways he is drifting from a close relationship with his Savior.

Of course, this made me wonder about my own "steps toward stupid". What are those things that dull my sensitivity to the Spirit, or choices of activities that seem like no big deal but end up totally not being pleasing to God?

I'm not telling. Okay, maybe I'll tell you later. The re…