Hey! It's almost summer!

Every now and then I'll be reading a blog and suddenly the thought occurs to me "Hey! I have a blog!" Unfortunately, a pithy quote or cohesive thought doesn't follow, so I don't post anything.

I don't know about you, but I'm pretty good at talking myself out of doing things. Things like sending a card (I don't really have a cute one and I certainly do not possess card making abilities) or I should call (but I don't have a lot of time, they're probably in bed already, blah blah blah). Oh, this is good one- I should offer to pray for them (but they'll think I'm nuts or reject the offer, blah, blah, blah). Or, post on my blog.

But what if, maybe, just maybe, that thought was actually a prompting of the Holy Spirit? You know, the One who teaches us, empowers us and oh, yeah, prompts us? I've been thinking about two things lately. Well, more than two, but I just read how multi-tasking is actually counter productive and slows your brain function so I'm trying to narrow it down to only thinking about a couple things at a time. For about two weeks it's been these two things: Obedience and procrastination.

These are not new thoughts for me, in fact, there are probably at least two other posts on this blog about this, but who can remember when you post semi-annually? God digs obedience but does He care about timing? Let's consider a parable. It's called the Parable of the Puppies.

A woman once owned two dogs, sweet dogs but very different from one another. She loved both her dogs. One day, both dogs were smelling every blade of grass in the back yard. The woman called to the dogs to come in the house as she was running out the door for the millionth time that day. One dog immediately lifted his head, spun around and ran to the door, tail waving like a banner. The other dog continued to sniff the remaining blades of grass. Another call. More sniffing. Another call. Dog looks up. A staring match ensues. Another call. Dog takes several steps at the pace of a mosey, then runs to the door, tail waving like a banner. Though the woman loves both the dogs, with which dog is she more pleased-the first or the second?

Yep, I'm gonna ask-which dog are you? All too often I'm the pokey dog, doing one more thing before I respond to the call, or worse, talking myself out of it. God digs obedience, and He digs it when it's immediate. Part of obedience is the timing, it's not just doing the deal but doing it when and how He directs. Those thoughts are not so random, and you never know what's on the other end of your obedience-a need that's met, a word given that comforts, a problem solved. So the next time you have the seemingly random thought to pray for me, just do it, right away! I'm probably trying to get dogs in the house.


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