Not Another Hectic Holiday Post

This week my inbox has been flooded with two types of emails-sale ads from retailers and
surviving the season posts from blogs that I follow. I'm a little burned out on both types. 

First, why do some retailers think you want three emails a day that basically say the same thing? (Loft, I'm looking at you.) I heard you the first time. 

Second, after about the third or fourth post, I'm finding that we all are saying the same thing on our blogs. 

  • We're crazy busy with shopping, kids activities and baking
  • We feel guilty that we aren't enjoying the season more
  • Take a minute and remember why we are doing all this-Jesus
There, I just saved you from reading ten more posts. Now go bake more cookies! 

I kid. In reality, I take a little comfort from the fact that we are all sort of crazy together. I have a couple of friends that start to show some unraveling this time of year and it always makes me feel better because they handle all this kind of crazy much better than I do on a regular basis. If they get frazzled, there is something to get frazzled about! It doesn't last long for them, and the fruit from their labors is so obviously a blessing I know they think it's worth it. 

One word of advice-shoot up an arrow prayer and ask if it's worth it. It probably is. If it's not, do something else. 

So press on, frazzled friends! Bake those cookies, run to the store, load those photos on your phone to the cloud so you have room to video that school performance. This year will only be here once, these people at this time, although Loft will still be having that sale so you don't need to hurry to that. And when your living room looks like this, I bet you'll think it's worth it. 

For God is not unjust so as to overlook your work and the love that you have shown for his name in serving the saints, as you still do. Hebrews 6:10


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