Day 11- The Twelve Days of Birthday

There is a huge backstory behind this photo...who these men are, where they are, why they are on razor carts, and why I care....I know the story, you probably won't care unless you follow Formula Drift.

I love the boyish joy on the faces of grown men who are already living the dream of driving fast cars for a living.  

Tomorrow I will have my picture taken with at least one of these men, (probably not on a Razor) and then watch them drive sideways at around 100 mph.  I will take 400 photos and leave smelling like burnt rubber and it is the best birthday present a girl can receive.   In our family, we tend to celebrate the 12 days of birthday, because we can't stop giving each other gifts.  What a joy it is to give, what a joy it is to share experiences, what a joy it is to love.  

What can you give that will be a gift of joy to someone today? 


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