Day 31-Finding Enjoyment in Finishing

I did it!  For 31 consecutive days I posted something on the topic of enjoyment.  I can't believe that one whole month has past, and this is over as quickly as it began. 

I confess when I started this, I really wasn't confident that-

1. I would find 31 things to post and 
2. That I would actually post for 31 days.

When I started, I was most inspired by what I had been reading in the book of Ecclesiastes, and I thought my posts would take a more spiritual tone, sort of unpacking what the Lord showed me in that book.  Maybe, if you know me, that's what you expected, and instead you got a lot of ramblings about food and other things.  Sorry, but I hope you enjoyed it. 

I have really enjoyed pondering enjoyment this past month.  It started out easy, got harder, and even in that, I found an enjoyment in the challenge.  In the ruthless editing.  If you think what you got wasn't very good, you should have read what I deleted.  

And now, I would challenge you.  Take the next thirty days.  Write one line. Write until your hand cramps.  Post it on a blog.  Write it on a post-it.  Whatever.  But take the next thirty days to make a point to think intentionally about something, one thing, and write it down.  I know God has been bringing something to your mind, something He wants you to learn, or experience, or let Him do in your life.  Write it down.  

It's a bit of an act of faith to put into writing what God puts on your heart.  Let Him have His way.  Then, and only then, will you really find....



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