Day 29- Finding Enjoyment With Less

I love the desert.  I don't mind the heat, as long as you don't want me to dig a ditch, and I certainly don't mind that it looks the same for miles and miles and miles.  I love the emptiness.  

Of course, the desert isn't really empty, there is plenty there if you get out of the car and look around.  I remember the first time I drove across the Texas Panhandle as an adult and all I could think was "There is so much ROOM out here!"  I loved the vastness of it.  When we crossed into Texas, I had to get out and take a picture of the "Welcome To Texas" sign, which I would have posted but that was in the days when there was a thing called "film" and I can't find it right now.  

Which is why I am currently finding enjoyment with less.  I'm really tired of the conversation that begin with "Do you know where....?"  I'm tired of unpacking an entire drawer or closet to find the one thing I need.  Anyone relate?  We are at that stage of life where we say we can't bring anything new home unless we get rid of something.  But that's hard. 

I like my stuff.  Some of it is family heirlooms, nothing wildly valuable but rich in memory and meaning.  A lot of it is other peoples heirlooms, which we purchased in garage sales, thrift and antique stores.  Which proves that Solomon was right-

Eccl 6:2 God gives some people great wealth and honor and everything they could ever want, but then he doesn't give them the chance to enjoy these things. They die, and someone else, even a stranger, ends up enjoying their wealth! 

Just remember that, when you're coveting something out of your budget. 

Anyway, we have been downsizing both by moving, and then having people move into and out of and into our house.  Making room for people has made me take a hard look at what I have. What I love.  What I need.  What I need to cut loose.  

My house will never resemble the emptiness of the Texas landscape, but it's getting a little more wide open in here. Okay, a lot of it is in the roof or in a box. But some of it is leaving, to take up residency in someones else's house.  

And I like it. 


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