Day 28- Finding Enjoyment in a Place

This is my granddaughter Audrey.  Her parents have two of these ottomans in their living room, one is filled with Audrey's toys, the other has a blanket in it.  Every now and then, Audrey pulls the blanket out and gets in, either with Trader Joe's "O's" cereal or a book.  It is one of her favorite places.  

Every one has a favorite place.  My husband and I have a couple, and they are secret, because we don't want to see you there.  We love you, but we don't want to see you there.  I call them En Gedi, the oasis that David went to for rest.  Sometimes, you really need an oasis. Sometimes, you just need a good storage ottoman.

I have a fiction series I really enjoy, by Jan Karon.  It centers on a small town in North Carolina, and the main character is an Episcopalian priest in his 60's.  He starts out a bachelor, finds love, and you have to read the series yourself to find out what else happens.  I recommend that you do, you'll enjoy it! 

Father Tim and his wife have an afternoon ritual.  It's called the "Changing of the Light", that window of time each day when the light plays across their hardwood floor, making patterns and shifting subtly as the day slowly ebbs away.  They sit, they drink sweet tea and relax.  It is their favorite spot.  

What's your favorite spot? 

Every body needs a little corner of En Gedi.  If you don't have one, would you try to find one?  It can be a corner of your house, or a park, or that spot on your drive home when you come over the hill and a valley stretches before you...just park for a few minutes.  

Just don't try to get Audrey to share her ottoman.  That's her favorite spot. 


Cindy Galeano said…
An En-Gedi!!!!! Yes!!!!! Thank you for this beautiful post :) I think in this season of my life my kitchen table is my to-go place not so secret but very very comfy :)

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