Day 3-A Parting Gift

Pastor Chuck Smith has entered into the joy of his Lord.  I never met him, never sat directly under his teaching but as part of a Calvary Chapel and the wife of a Calvary Chapel pastor, there is an undeniable influence in my relationship with God that has been imparted by Chuck and Kay Smith.

My favorite Chuckism is a story he related in one of his books, I don't remember which one. In it he spoke of shaking his fist at someone on the freeway and remembering that he had a personalized license plate that said something about Calvary.  Having the temper of a cobra I was encouraged that even Pastor Chuck shared in my freeway frustration.  It is easy to think of men like him as someone who never struggles, never gets in the flesh, never fails.  But they do. He did, at least once on the freeway.

Joy and enjoyment are the things that most emanated from the Chuck Smith I experienced.  He spoke briefly this past year at a book conference I attended and his joy in the midst of trial was evident.  Rather than what he said, it was how he said it I most remember.  This morning I looked up joy in the concordance of my Word For Today Bible and this is the note Pastor Chuck penned for 1 Thessalonians 1:6

"May God help our church to be an example of what it is to have the joy of the Holy Spirit.  And may people see the power of God working in our midst so that we become examples.  Surely, we may have persecution or tribulation or affliction, but, oh, may that never rob us of that joy of the Holy Spirit, and may our joy be a real witness and example to all!" 

Yours was, Pastor Chuck.  I'm grateful for the years of audio, the printed words of a godly man we can enjoy for years to come.  There is so much enjoyment in the Lord, so much joy in the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.  Thank you Pastor Chuck, for parting gift.


Sasha Wheatley said…
i was saddened by the news this morning, but only for a moment. Then the joy came in - not the giddy happiness, but the peaceful assurance of the promises fulfilled in the life of Christ's servant. He was and is such a wonderful, sweet example of loving the Lord and His people - and i rejoice because i know Papa Chuck is now in his Papa's presence and his joy is complete

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