Day 4-Winning at Hide and Seek

The secret to finding enjoyment is simple-are you awake? Look, there it is!

Finding enjoyment is a little like playing Hide and Seek. Well, it’s really like playing Hide and Seek with a four year old. You know, they hide, but usually some body part is sticking out from behind a chair or they giggle, so it’s not hard to find them.  It’s easy to win when what you are looking for is right in front of you.

There are more than 15 verses in Ecclesiastes that speak of enjoyment, pleasures and happiness. None of those verses refer to those things in the negative sense, as if they are futile pursuits; in fact most of them are instruction.  We’re told that enjoying food and drink and satisfaction in work are pleasures from the very hand of God.  Twice we’re told that to eat, drink and enjoying the fruits of our labor are gifts from God.

Are you experiencing the gifts of enjoyment that God has given you?

Hmm.. Having trouble identifying what those gifts might be in your life?  Here’s a few from Solomon’s list:

Food- ever had Sweet and Stinky Fries? Oh, you've never had sweet potato fries with Gorgonzola cheese?  I’m making some tomorrow night and no, you can’t come over. What are some of your favorite foods? They’re on the list!
Drink-In one of the verses Solomon says to enjoy your wine…I’m not opening that can of worms here. But I did stop and make my favorite Stash Peppermint tea the other day and ignore everything else in my universe until I finished it-Have you savored your favorite drink lately, slowly and just because?
Satisfaction-In work, whatever that looks like in your world. Maybe you don’t enjoy your job, or your coworker, or washing the miles of tile in your house (oops, that’s me) but there is always joy in a job well done. Take pleasure in what you accomplish!
Fruit of your labors-a paycheck isn't the only fruit of your labors. A compliment from somebody, being able to find a spice in the pantry you organized, or a completed crochet project or finally updating your iPod are all fruit for you to recognize and enjoy.
Relationships-Okay, he says a wife is the reward for your earthly toils, but really, aren't the people in our lives (well, most of them) cause for enjoyment? I bet right now you're thinking of someone you really love!
Our season of life- Solomon says old people should rejoice in every day they have, and young people should enjoy every minute of it-as long as you remember you have to give an account to God!  Do you wish your life away, thinking the next season or age will bring some new joy? Maybe it will but THIS is the day the Lord has made, rejoice and be glad in it! 

Did you win? Did you hear a giggle that gave you a clue to finding what might have been hiding in plain sight?  

Good, now go eat your sweet and stinky fries. 


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