When You Have a Second Home

I have friends who recently sold a cabin about three hours away from their home. It was in the mountains, and  decorated like a beautiful mountain cabin would be; lots of knobby wood furniture made from trees, the colors of fall in the mountains, and lake inspired. It reflected it's surroundings and looked nothing like my friends every day home. Which, by the way, is also beautiful, just different.

I've always wondered about having a second home, would it look just like my every day home? Or would I try the things there I wouldn't want to live with all the time?  I doubt I'll ever have a second home to furnish, but I do have a second internet home, and it's different than this one in a couple of different ways. First of all, I share it with my daughter and granddaughter, and secondly, it is dedicated to the reviews of books. And specifically, books we want to recommend. So far, I don't bother with books I don't want to encourage you to read. Why? Lets just cut to the chase, shall we? Why read 500 words on why I think this book isn't worth the read? That may change, but for today, it's about stuff worth reading.

But over here, in my other house, I still want to talk about reading, about books, but I'm thinking that it will look different. This is my living room blog, where we drink peppermint or chai tea and it's shoes off, open heart kind of chats. Over there, it's a little more like my office, with the floor to ceiling bookshelves and a stack on my desk that you want to know about.

Blogs are funny things, we write them because we have something to say and at the same time a voice in our heads (or maybe just mine) says "Who on earth would read this?" And to that I say, "Hush your mouth." because in my head I'm very often from the south. As I recently heard in a sermon, "If I didn't do this, I'd be disobedient to the Lord." This is one girl who does not want a spanking, especially when her Father is calling her to do something she wants to do.

So I'm done talking myself out of doing what I'm suppose to do. Do you do that? Please tell me you do, so I don't feel like the only one. That's a good question to ask yourself, if there is something you know you've been called to and you're not doing it. Do you talk yourself out of it with any of these?

  • I'm so busy, I will just as soon as______
  • I would, but I'm sure they want someone more________, not me
  • There are a million_______(blogs, etsy shops, people who do that,) why be one more? 
  • I can't. 
And a plethora of other excuses we give ourselves to not move forward into the great unknown. Unknown to us, but not to our Father, our Creator, who made you to do exactly what you're talking yourself out of. Can I just say, stop it. Really. We can't imagine it, but the satisfaction of doing what we were created for so outweighs the fear we have in starting. You know how I know?

Because you're reading what I wrote. 

And I feel pretty good about that. Because today, I was thinking about my two internet homes and the thought was like a pebble in my left boot, so to get rid of it, I wrote about it. More than that, I hope I've encouraged you to contemplate the thing you're talking yourself out of, and press into it.

"...one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead..." Philippians 3:13


Sasha Wheatley said…
Thanks for writing and for being obedient. It is an encouragement to me as i strive to be obedient in things i probably would not choose for myself, but the Lord chose for me. You are a blessing, my dear friend.

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