Day 23- Finding Enjoyment in...VACATION!!

This could be the demise of my goal of posting for 31 consecutive days.  My husband is on vacation this week, and I am too busy enjoying myself to write about it.   

I actually struggle to enjoy vacation, because I have a tendency to see every free moment as an opportunity to get something done. I've spent the last two days biting my tongue in an attempt to keep from saying to my husband "Hey, you know what we have time to do?"  He on the other hand, keeps saying "Hey, do you know where we could go?"  

So Monday we did a little doing, and Tuesday we did a lot of going. Tomorrow we will probably do a little of both.   But for the rest of the week, it'll be some of this:

And then it'll be some of this:

Time flies when you're trying to have fun.  We're going to eat up some highway this week, and enjoy every minute of it.  I love a road trip! 


Ycottage said…
I concur there is much "joy" in vacation! My first day back "connecting" and this is your post! Have a great time as you log some miles!

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