I'm reading a lot of material these days.  New product for our church book kiosk, studying for our Journey With Jesus through the gospel of Mark, three books on the history of the middle east (how did that happen?) and then the usual time in the Word.  Today I was looking at the various stacks of books I'm plowing through and I thought to myself, "You know, one would think that you'd have a profound thought or great quote in your head from all that stuff!"  So I waited a while to see if one floated to the surface. Waited some more. Flipped through a book. Two books. Four books. Sigh.

A thought did float into my head and it had nothing to do with the stack. It was something Pastor Rob said at the beginning of our Sunday morning study in the book of Acts.  He said we have the tendency to read Acts and think every day was action packed when in reality, the book covers a thirty year span. THIRTY YEARS.  Well now, that certainly puts a different spin on things. 

Every day doesn't get illuminated with a God bomb. That's the spiritual version of a flash bang grenade that police use when they want to make sure you are paying attention. Sort of like Paul at his conversion, you can read about it in the book that covers THIRTY YEARS.  There were a lot of regular days, filled with regular life in between getting dragged before the council and baptizing Ethiopians and getting stoned by angry mobs. In those regular days, you can bet there were regular times with the Lord, regular time in His word, regular times of fellowship and discussion about what God was doing and what they were learning.  It's in the ordinary stuff that God prepares us for the extraordinary. So if you read the Word today and didn't get knocked down by a flash bang grenade, don't worry. Just wait, keep reading, keep praying, keep doing the regular things on regular days. Because one day, you will find yourself in the middle of something extraordinary. Phillip didn't wake up expecting to dunk a guy from a foreign land.  Peter didn't go to prayer expecting to heal a lame man.  But they did.  On an ordinary day.


Denise said…
So true!!!! We need to remember that extraordinary days are mixed right in with ordinary days..... but He is in ALL of them!
Love it!
Nicole Espino said…
So blessed by this!! :) Thank you!

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