The apple doesn't fall far....

Blogs are fun. I have some I read daily, because their authors are more inspired than I am and post regularly. I know it's not very interesting to check a blog for days (or weeks) on end only to see the same thing-sorry! One of the things I like about these blogs is reading what walking with God looks like in the lives of sisters whose seasons and callings are different from mine. A new blog I'm following is by a gal who is both like me and different all at the same time-Muffin!

Yep, my daughter Ashley has a new blog you can check out here, The Newlywed's Notebook. She is having the most fun in this season of life, married almost two years already! I can't wait to read what God is showing her about life, marriage and kitchen utensils. If you're a newlywed, an almost-wed, a want-to-be-wed or want to remember what it was like, check out my muffin's blog: and yep, the picture in the banner is from their wedding-aren't they cute!


slyefamily said…
Does this post make her an apple muffin? I sorta always thought of her as a chocolate cream cheese kind of muffin But then she wouldn't be a muffin anymore. Should we start calling her cupcake?
MaryAnne Hommel said…
Jo! I was just reading the post on your blog, and you popped up here! Since she specializes in apple pies, it seems natural that she would be a heavily cinnamoned apple muffin.

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