"I Am With You"

I was up sick for a good part of the night. The day is half gone, and I haven’t left my bed. I have not dedicated the down time to devotional time in the Word, intercessory prayer or profitable reading. I’ve just been sitting here. Yet, there is peace in the clear presence of God.

I told a friend that I am fond of bumper sticker theology, that some of my most profound moments of insight and practical application came from something on the back of someone’s car. The particular wisdom I shared with her came from a sticker that read, “I’m Not In Your Hurry.” Her situation has nothing to do with traffic on the road, but traffic across the desks of her coworker and herself. It’s hard to learn the distinction between reacting, which is usually in the flesh, and responding, which should be in the Spirit. That is fodder for another post. Anyway, my big word of wisdom to her was this bumper sticker-“I’m Not In Your Hurry”.

I don’t have some big God-Bomb revelation to impart today. Simply this, the presence of God is balm to the soul of a believer who sits still long enough for God to reveal it. He’s always there, in the noise of the world and the hurry you think you need to be in, but we miss the sweet ministry to our body, mind and spirit when we say “I surrender all” but we really don’t.

Stop, if only for a moment, and look unto Jesus, who authored your faith, who wants in this instant to show you something that is of Him.

There now, wasn’t that worth stopping for?


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