Evangelism: Too Easily Converted

My good friends father told her last week that he had asked Jesus to be his savior. This came after eighteen years of my friend sharing with him, including some years in which they were estranged. Despite the difficulties of their relationship, she put aside her own hurts for the sake of her fathers eternal fate. Once he told her, "I just need to think about it some more, because I know if I do it (choose Christ)I have to really mean it." Her father took seriously the message his daughter shared with him, thought it through, looked at the evidence and reckoned God real, Jesus His Son, and himself in need of a savior.

His conversion is real, she says he is truly a different person. One woman shared with her that she had prayed for and shared with her dad for forty two years before he came to know the Lord at eighty. My husband and I once sold a car to an eighty year old buddhist whose late wife shared the gospel with him for over forty years. My husband led him to Jesus in our garage.

Here is some thoughts on quick conversions by A.W. Tozer:

Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, "If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free." --John 8:31-32

First, we must consider the person who becomes a disciple of Christ on impulse. This is likely to be the person who came in on a wave of enthusiasm, and I am a little bit suspicious of anyone who is too easily converted. I have a feeling that if he or she can be easily converted to Christ, he or she may be very easily flipped back the other way. I am concerned about the person who just yields, who has no sales resistance at all....

Actually, I go along with the man or woman who is thoughtful enough about this decision to say truthfully: "I want a day to think this over," or "I want a week to read the Bible and to meditate on what this decision means."

I have never considered it a very great compliment to the Christian church that we can generate enthusiasm on such short notice. The less there is in the kettle, the quicker it begins to boil. There are some who get converted on enthusiasm and backslide on principle! Faith Beyond Reason, pp. 55-57

"Lord, this is contrary to our usual thinking. We're aware of the urgency of the hour, of the need to trust Christ before it is too late. But thank You for this perspective on serious consideration rather than flippant acquiescence. Amen."


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