Testimony Time Part Two

So what do people need to know? Leaving room for the Holy Spirit to insert things He knows need to be said in each unique situation, a basic outline to help keep you on track is a good thing to get on paper. Not to be used as a script, but to help you hone in on the most important points you want to share with someone, so they come away knowing who you were, who Jesus is, and what He’s done in your life. Here’s some suggestions for what they need to know:

1)That you realized you needed a Savior: Spare them every detail; we can glorify the slime as much as the Savior sometimes. But make it clear that you realized that you needed something you could not do for yourself, and no one but Jesus could.
2)That the Bible revealed to you who that Savior was: The impersonal part of our testimony. When our testimony focuses solely on our circumstances, it is easy for those who hear it to discount our conversion as something only we needed. The Scripture says all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God; show them salvation is a need we all have, despite our circumstances, from word of God. Some important scriptures: Romans 3:23, Romans 5:8, Acts 3:19, Romans 10:13 (from Greg Laurie’s “How to Follow Jesus”).
3)That Jesus has changed you, your life and your future: Include all three, with some specifics. Share that you are different as a person, for example, your fear replaced with peace, your anger replaced with patience. That your life, your relationships, activities are changed, what was wasted is now productive. That your future, not just here on earth but for all eternity is assured, that no matter what you go through here you have hope and help and while you were promised Hell before, now Heaven is your guarantee, sealed in the blood of Jesus.
4)That they can be changed,too: Salvation is a free gift available to the world, God desires no man should perish. There is no sin too small to separate us from God, or to great to keep us from God. Jesus is waiting to do for them what He has done for you, invite them to start new life in Christ!

Make some time to write your testimony, so you can focus on the main points without going off on rabbit trails, or belaboring one point too long, or being sidetracked by emotions. Again, it isn’t a script to be read but rather a tool to help you develop a way to share the most important event in your life in a clear, concise way. Maybe take some time to go over it with a saved friend, or just spend some time going over it yourself, but make you testimony something you can give any time, any place, any opportunity God gives you.


Elle said…
I worked on a Bible study this summer that requires you to write a 10 second testimony, a 30 second testimony and then a 60 second testimony based on the 3 points of who I was before, what God did, and who I am in Christ now. The whole exercise was extremely helpful to me to weed out my wordiness. Thank you for your tips as well.

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